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Information about upcoming Recommendation of the Council of Eurasian Economical Comission «On the development of cooperation between the states – members of Eurasian economic union in the nanoindustrial area»

The draft of the Recommendation was elaborated according to the item 92 and Protocol about the industrial cooperation (appendix № 27) of the Agreement about Eurasian economic union of 29 May 2014 as well as Resolution of Eurasian intergovernmental council of 8 September

2015 № 9 «On the general directions of industrial cooperation within the frames of EAEU», Resolution of the Higher Eurasian economic council at the level of state government of 31 May 2013 № 40 «On the general directions for coordination of the national industrial policies of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russian Federation».

Information support for Eurasian economic union in the nanoindustrial area was provided by the leading mass media, one of them – electronic edition «NANOTECHNOLOGIES IN CONSTRUCTION: A Scientific Internet-Journal».

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