On The Edition

The main aim of electronic edition «Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal» Nanobuild.ru is to provide information support for the process of invention and application of science intensive technologies (mostly nanotechnological products) in construction, communal and housing services, joint areas (industry, power et al.).

To perform designed aims we follow the principle: «Maximal utility and availability of materials published in the journal».

Utility of published materials means that:

  • the edition is used as efficient tool of scientific communication in educational and scientific environments;
  • there is up-to-date information about nanomaterials and nanotechnologies that are already in use or yet to come to the market;
  • the theoretical and practical results of researches related to the edition’s topics are presented;
  • the use of illustrations that serve for better comprehension of the material;
  • PDF-format is used as it is possible to view materials regardless the original software and fonts installed at computers;full information about authors is presented;
  • every paper is assigned with digital object identifier (DOI);
  • the paper (or information about it) is added to citation systems (data bases): Chemical Abstracts (USA), DOAJ (Sweden), EBSCO Publishing(USA), ESCI Web of Science (USA) et al.;
  • there is possibility to print issue as much as it is needed for research, educational and other purposes.

The editors follow the politics of «open access» for the published materials.

According to the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) the editors consider free access to the published materials in Internet and the right of each user to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full text papers, search with indexer robot, enter them as data in software or use them for other legal purpose without financial, law or technical obstacles excluding those that regulate access to the Internet itself.

To provide maximal access to materials all issues are published at the edition’s website http://Nanobuild.ru – ARCHIEVE OF ISSUES.

Editorial Council, Editorial Board and the editorial staff second the politics aimed at observance of ethical publishing principles and recognize that keeping track of observance of ethical publishing principles is one of the main components in reviewing and publishing activities. «On the observance of publishing ethics by the editors of electronic edition «Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal» and the statement of prevarication absence».

The inclusion of the journal in international citation systems (data bases).

One of the important quality indicators for journal is its correspondence to international norms and as a result inclusion to international citation systems (data bases).

The electronic edition «Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal» has been included in:
  • Web of Science ESCI (USA);
  • CA(pt) (USA)
  • DOAJ (Sweden);
  • EBSCO Publishing (USA);
  • EZB (Germany);
  • CrossRef (USA);
  • ISSN 2075-8545 (France);
  • OAJI (USA);
  • ResearchBib (Japan);
  • ResearchGate (USA);
  • eLIBRARY.RU (Russia);
  • Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory (USA) et al.
The Main Tasks of the Electronic Edition «Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet – Journal»

1. The provide resources for the Russian and foreign scientists and specialists to publish the results of their research and get information on the nanomaterials and nanotechnologies which are being in construction and housing and communal services or to appear in the near future.

Our authors

Among the authors of the edition – leading Russian and foreign scientists, specialists of the universities, research institutes and nanotechnological
centers, establishments and enterprises.

The basic topics of published materials are:
  • Nanostructured systems strength and penetrability formation theory development.
  • Mathematical quantum and other types of models for nanomaterials characteristic research.
  • The problems of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies implementation in construction and building materials.
  • Technological principles of nanostructures creation (liquid melts, sol and gel synthesis).
  • Creation of new functional materials in construction.
  • Development of transition principles «disorder-order» under creation
    of composites using synergetic and other approaches.
  • Study of different technological principles under creation of nanosystems in industrial production.
  • Diagnostics of building systems nanostructures and nanomaterials.
  • The problems of obtaining of highdensity and high-durability building materials (concretes, ceramics and so on).
  • Technologies of mineral particles grinding to nanosize levels.
  • Technology of blending mixtures containing nanodispersed particles and methods of their activation.
  • Hydrodynamic methods and other methods of aqueous suspensions and solutions activation.
  • Modification of aqueous solution of different nanosize additives used in construction.
  • Research in powder nanomaterials toxicity area.
  • Metal reinforcement modified by nanosize materials during the manufacturing.
  • Fibers carbonic, basalt, aramid and other of small diameters with nanosize structural characteristics.
  • Cement and other astringents with mineral and organic additives.
  • Concretes and solutions modified by nanosize additives.
  • Mineral particles suspensions used for laques, paints as well as modifiers for concretes and solutions, properties, fabrication method and durability.
  • Organic materials dispersions used in laques and paints production as well as for concretes and solutions additives, methods of their activation and durability.
  • Usе of nanopowder of different nature for building materials properties modification.
  • New characteristics of building materials on the basis of nanosystems.
  • Modification of building materials by nanofibers.
  • Disperse composite materials with nanocoatings.
  • Formation of nanostructure coatings by means of laser sputtering.
  • Development of materials nanostructure research methods on the basis of disperse systems.
  • Building materials properties research technologies.
  • The systems of teaching the fundamentals of nanotechnologies.

The theme may be different, directly or indirectly associated with the directions given above.

Our readers

The creation and use of electronic scientific editions took on special significance as the preferred method of scientific communication in education and science. The opportunity to publish the research results in electronic editions, especially on the internet, are of great interest for candidates for sciences and for the scientific community as a whole.

Every issue of electronic edition «Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal» contains the information on the nanomaterials and nanotechnologies which are already in use or to appear at the market in the near future, and many specialists from the area of construction and housing and communal services express a great interested in that.

Therefore the edition’s readers are:

  • students, lecturers, post-graduates and persons working for doctor’s degree;
  • scientists and specialists of research institutes and nanotechnological centers;
  • heads and specialists of the institutions, organizations and factories from the sphere of construction and housing and communal services;
  • scientists and specialists of the industries which are adjacent to construction;
  • experts of the enterprise-producers manufacturing nanoindustrial

2. To provide information support and participate in the events (forums, conferences, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, round tables etc) devoted to nanoindustry and problems of application of nanoindustry in construction and housing and communal services, which are perspective and of great importance. Leading Russian and foreign organizations and specialists as well as business representatives take part in these events.

There is an increase in the number of events in which the Scientific Internet-Journal «Nanotechnologies in Construction» takes part and for which it provides information support. Among these events include:

  • the International exhibition BATIMAT (France, Paris);
  • the International specialized exhibition «Nanotechnologies» and International Theoretical and Practical Conference on «Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials in Industry» (Kazan);
  • an International symposium entitled «Nanomaterials for Industrial and Underground Structures Protection» and an International conference entitled «The Physics of Solid Body» (East Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk);
  • Theoretical and Practical Conference on «Nanotechnologies in Construction» (Moscow);
  • International conference with elements of scientific school for young scientists «Ceramics and Refractories: Perspective Solutions and Nanotechnologies» (Belgorod Shukhov State Technology University, Belgorod);
  • the Theoretical and Practical Conference on «Nanotechnologies for Production» (Fryazino, Moscow region);
  • International Cement Trade Conference (Turkey, Istanbul);
  • National Assembly «Construction of Russian Regions. Nanotechnology in Construction» (Moscow);
  • Contest for award of Skolkovo innovations endorsed by Cisco I-Prize;
  • International forum on nanotechnologies RUSNANOTECH (Moscow);
  • Skolkovo Summit of the creators of innovative economy etc.

Internet-Journal «Nanotechnologies in Construction» – official information partner of the 4th International Symposium on Nanotechnologies in Construction NICOM4 (Agios Nikolaos, Greece).

Among the participants and guests at these events there were: directors and specialists of organizations and enterprises, scientists, lecturers, research officers of research centers from different regions of Russia and other countries which rated highly in the scientific and technical sophistication of their materials, and the quality of their information represented in the edition.

For the active participation in promotion of nanoindustry’s products, high work mobility of the editorial staff, active participation in the events on nanoindustry and applied questions of nanotechnologies being of great scientific and practical importance, scientific Internet-Journal was recognized the winner of the All-Russian prize in the sphere of innovation activity «Innovation Time–2012», as the laureate of the National award «Russian Construction Olympus–2010» and National contest «Stroymaster–2011»; was rewarded with the sign «Engineering Valour»; was marked by diplomas, certificates and gratitudes from different professional  and public organizations and events organizers. Among them are: International Forum on Nanotechnologies Rusnanotech, National Association of Nanoindustry, Russian Community of Construction Engineers, International Exhibition «CityBuild. Construction of the Cities», Moscow Department on Science and Technologies, Bashkir State University, contest «Skolkovo Innovations Award supported by Cisco IPRIZE», International «Cement Trade Conference» (Turkey, Istanbul), International Construction Forum «SOCHI-BUILD», Skolkovo Summit of the creators of innovative economy, the 4th International Symposium on Nanotechnology in Construction (NICOM4), the International exhibition BATIMAT (France, Paris) etc.

on the edition awards

Distribution of the journal
  1. Every issue of the electronic edition «Nanotechnologies in Construction» is published in free access at the website http://nanobuild.ru.
  2.  The papers and/or the information about them are published in citation systems (databases): EBSCO Publishing (USA), ESCI Web of Science
    (USA), ResearchBib (Japan), CrossRef (USA), Scientific Electronic Library (Russia), DOAJ (Sweden) etc.
  3. The information about new issue which can be viewed and downloaded is sent to companies, research and nanotechnology centers, authors, scientists and specialists all over the world (in total 5000 addresses).
  4. Information about published issue is placed at the partners’ internetsources:
    http://daaam.info; http://www.rilem.org,
    http://ama.com.az, http://isit.si/activities/events-news,
    http://info-iae.ru, http://www.nanonewsnet.ru,
    http://www.rusnanonet.ru; http://www.rae-info.ru et al.

Successful promotion of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in construction was the industrial technological research «Development of the construction of nanotechnology products in Russia to 2020» performed by the Russian Academy of Engineering and consulting company «Booz & Co.» under an agreement with RUSNANO. That was possible, mainly due to the professional competence, proactive position and activities of the authors, editors, members of editorial council and editorial board of the Electronic Edition «Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal». The main results of the research have been published in the Electronic Edition «Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal».