Sunday August 09 , 2020
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  • The President of Russian and International Engineering Academies

  • Associate of Russian Academy of Science

  • USSR and RF State Prizes Laureate

  • RF Government Prize Laureate

  • Honoured Scientist of the RF

  • Expert of "RUSNANO"

  • Doctor of Engineering, Professor

  • Full member of many Russian and foreign Academies of Science and Scientific communities




B.V. Gusev is one of the founders and first president of USSR Engineering Academy (1990) later transformed into Russian and International Engineering Academies (1991). He is President of these from the day of their establishment. He is President of the Union of Public Academies of Science. By the order of RF Government he was approved as vice-chairman of Oraganization Committee of the 1st Congress of engineers of Russia (2003).

He was born on13 of May, 1936 in Ryazan Region of Russian Federation. He graduaded from Warsaw Polytechnic Institute in 1961.

Honorary titles: Honoured Scientist of RF (1996), Honoured Builder of RF (1996), Honoured Transport Builder (1995), Honoured Railwayman (1996), Honoured Builder of Moscow (2002).

State and government prizes: Order “Sign of Esteem” (1980), Order “Friendship of Nations” (1988).

Laureate of USSR (1979) and RF (2001) state prizes, RF Government Prize (1996, 2003 and 2009), Cherepanovy, Chokhov, Kulibin, Muskhelishvili awards. He has 12 medals of Academies of Science and Engineering academies.

B.V. Gusev is an engineer and scientist with a world reputation, who has done works acknowledged in the field of material strength, optimization of technical solutions and new materials technologies. He is outstanding specialist in the sphere of science of materials and building materials technology. He was the first who researched the problems concerning strength and durability of rocks and artificial composite materials having considered mode of deformation.

He contributed to precast concrete industry development, elaboration, creation and introduction of technology and vibratory equipment which later became commercial product. He is an author of development and introduction of concrete mix compaction vibratory-percussion technology. His developments were used widely under the construction of the World Trade Center and facilities of Moscow Olympic Games.

B.V.Gusev is prominent organizer of science, education and elucidative activity. He founded school of thought, under his guidance 85 doctors and Ph.Ds were prepared in many countries of the word

Today B.V.Gusev is developing principles of cement systems nanostructuring for increasing concrete strength (2-3 times more) and creation suspensions and emulsions of high homogeneity and nonaliquation in order to obtain new materials including protective nanofilms. B.V.Gusev is an expert of SC “Rosnanotech”.

Largescale scientific and educational activity of B.V. Gusev is known in many countries and published in more than 500 proceedings, 25 scientific studies and textbooks. He is great inventor and has more than 100 patents on inventions. B.V. Gusev carries out extensive and intensive work on development of International scientific and technical ties as organizer of many scientific and technical congresses, conferences, simposia and exhibitions. As an active follower of integration processes in science, B.V.Gusev is invited for participation in large interstate and foreign projects to be the expert, consultant, adviser, Honoured Doctor and Professor of a number foreign universities in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Serbia and other states.

B.V.Gusev’s great public work showed itself in scientific and technical councils of Russian Academy of Science, Expert Councils attached to Government of the RF and Supreme certification commission of Ministry of education and science of the RF, Chairman of dissertation councils and member of scientific and technical Councils of some RF ministries and departments.

In 1998 International encyclopaedic organization (London) acknowledged B.V. Gusev as the “Man of the Year” for his active work on development international scientific and technical cooperation.

In the same year he was rewarded with the Order of Ambassadors (New York). He is also rewarded with: golden sign of Polish students Union, Golden medal of Belarussian, Ukraine, Georgian, Kazakhstan Engineering Academies and other medals and honorary titles of different countries of the world.